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Reviews: Bands, Music and Discs

Reviews: Bands, Music and Discs
Reviews of New Music CDs, DVDs, and Music Downloads (iTunes, Amazon, MP3, etc.).

Music Review: Cassidy Haley ‘The Fool’ (2011)

REVIEW: Before seeing the singer perform live, this album sat around the studio for a few months. After playing it a couple of times...

REVIEW: Taxi Doll’s Leading Lady, Dhana, Releases Solo EP, ‘Confessions of a Lily Rouge’

MuseWire REVIEW: "Dhana" is a European born blonde diva and lead singer of dance rock group "TaxiDoll." In this, her first solo release, "Confessions...

REVIEW: B and Elephants – A Compelling Romantic Bi-Cultural Journey

REVIEW: The four piece group "B and Elephants" delivers innovative yet passionate progressive world music comprising fundamentally of Spanish folk and Classical Indian styles...

Albums Old and New

COLUMN: You go through your musical memories and up pops that long lost classic, that awesome album from years gone by, that ideal example...
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Music Movies – ‘I Need that Record’

REVIEW: Two fast-paced and entertainment documentaries in the same week? Yup, and both saturated with superb music from fade-in to fade-out. "It Might Get...
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Music Review: Pushing Red Buttons ‘The Butterfly Net’ (2008)

REVIEW: I would probably have liked this album more if it was comprised of personal friends, or the brother of my girlfriend, or fronted...

Music Review: Claire Tchaikowski ‘Those Thousand Seas’ (2008)

REVIEW: These Thousand Emotions -- Have you ever thought about what is inside the sounds you like to hear? Harmonics and overtones are in...

Music Review: Phoenix Block ‘Chemtrails’ (2008)

REVIEW: New Jersey based Phoenix Block's new CD "Chemtrails" nicely combines '80s flavored world alt-rock with modern rock and sits nicely in various places...

Music Review: Sheva

REVIEW: Blending big ballads with confessional lyrics, Sheva touches listeners at the core of their emotions. Scott G gets lost in the melodies of "The Closest Thing" even while admiring the sonic textures of her band.

Music Review: Rob Kendt ‘I’m Not Sentimental’ – Too Much Talent is a Dangerous Thing

REVIEW: You'll find clever lyrics, strong melodies, and excellent musicianship on songs in several genres on the new Rob Kendt album. But as Scott...

New CDs Take Music in All Directions

REVIEW: Scott G goes back to old habits by writing a batch of CD reviews. As in his prior reviews, the musical styles he...
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Hitting the Manic Circuit

REVIEW: Some music soothes you. Some seduces you. And some swaggers up to you and hits you over the head with a box of skateboard parts. Scott G (The G-Man) writes about an upstart new band called Manic Circuit that slams its way into your skull with songs of raw power combined with progressive structure.

Music Review: Peter Frampton ‘Fingerprints’ (2006)

REVIEW: I was pretty excited to hear about the new disc "Fingerprints" (A&M/New Door/UMe) from Peter Frampton, a seminal guitar god from the '70s who became enormously famous for his "Frampton Comes Alive" album and for his formant-tube guitar "talk box" sound on that record 30 years ago. I hadn't really thought about him much lately except when my iTunes jukebox cycled around to his tunes. So, getting the new disc was like hearing from an old friend again.

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