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Thank you for your interest in MuseWire™, an online magazine covering business, entertainment and technology news in the music entertainment and recording industry. MuseWire was formerly known as Music Industry Newswire. This “publication” is a unit of Neotrope®, established 1983 in California, USA.

You can reach out to Christopher Simmons via gmail at: [at] gmail .com

For 2022, Chris is finally working on a new website due to massive delay in revamp after 2016 server crash and data corruption. A lot of house cleaning on old content needs to be removed including some content that got merged in from as part of the data corruption and database cross linking calamity.

Christopher Simmons resides in Temecula, CA, USA, as of Summer 2019. The prior PO Box in Redondo Beach no longer exists.

Thanks for your interest.

YES! Chris will be restarting doing reviews to coincide with a YouTube channel launch in 2022.



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