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Music Makers
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The Blue Danes Release Alt-Rock Album: Invisible and Untouchable

Chicago-based alt-rock band, The Blue Danes have released their debut album “Invisible and Untouchable” on label Loki Valhalla Productions. This haunting lyrical masterpiece includes the highly anticipated release of the popular single “Beautiful and Sad,” which has earned over 26,000 YouTube views.

New Music: The South Austin Moonlighters Release ‘Ghost Of A Small Town’

MUSIC NEWS: The South Austin Moonlighters will be releasing “Ghost of a Small Town,” which features 13 brand new songs including their new single “You, Love and Me.” The album will be available on iTunes, on their website, on Amazon, CD Baby, at the shows and at Waterloo Records and discriminating independent record stores everywhere.

Paula Cole Sings for Fans with ‘Ballads’ Album Funded On Kickstarter

Singer/songwriter Paula Cole is funding her new album from the ground up on Kickstarter. Recently Cole launched her campaign to fund an 8th studio album, to be called "Ballads," which she described on her funding page as so: "'Ballads' is a weaving of American roots music; my first album of cover songs. I can honestly say I've been wanting to make this album my whole career. There will be jazz ballads next to traditional songs and swing and blues - it's all roots music."

ContinuuCon 2016: First Continuum Fingerboard Conference and Concert

For fans of multi-dimensional MIDI controllers, and true performance instruments in favor of grid controllers, the first (annual?) Haken Continuum Conference has been announced for June 9-11, 2016 in Asheville, North Carolina. This new event has been dubbed “ContinuuCon” (pronounced con-tin-you-con).

Garth Brooks is First Country Artist to Earn SoundExchange Digital Radio Award

SoundExchange this week announced that Garth Brooks, the number one selling solo artist in U.S. history, has added another achievement to his recording career. After the country music artist amassed more than one billion performances on more than 2,500 digital radio services, SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe presented Brooks with the company’s prestigious Digital Radio Award. He is the first country music artist to be honored with this award.

Truckloads of Soul (Aspects of The Blues)

ADSP Chapter 25: God can be found inside many things: The sun, moon, and stars; a child's simple wisdom; a lover's kiss. And at one nightclub on one sultry summer evening in Southern California, god was in the fingers of Derek Trucks.

Stone Solid Hooks (Reflections on Da Blooze)

ADSP Chapter 24: The blues will never die. Here's one reason: Audiences have a visceral response to the music, even if it's done merely adequately. And when it's done well, the audience reaction can be amazing. Either way, when somebody is playin' da blooze it means that guys will be drinking and girls will be dancing. In other words, a good time will be had by all.

A Musical High from Verheyen – studio great Carl Verheyen consistently wows the crowds

ADSP Chapter 23: When hired guns go solo, the results can be "meh" or "yowza," but studio great Carl Verheyen ("ver-HIGH-un") consistently wows the crowds. Los Angeles is full of guitar aces for hire and one of the best has a name you can't pronounce. You have heard quite a lot of the work of Carl Verheyen even though you may not be aware of it.

A Guy Called Joe (That’s Mr. Satriani to You)

ADSP Chapter 21: Some guitarists play at lightning speed but it's the tone, the style, and the aura of magic that define the true heroes of the electric guitar. Joe Satriani. You've heard his work or you've heard his name, and he's either the greatest thing since sex or he's simply a technical master who goes through his shtick very well but has no true worth. (I look forward to your letters.)

Oh Buddy: This Guy is Great – Blues guitar virtuoso Buddy Guy succeeds on every level

ADSP Chapter 22: Blues guitar virtuoso Buddy Guy succeeds on every level from soul to sizzle to showmanship. Sitting in his trailer before taking the stage for a festival performance, Buddy Guy is philosophical about his place in the pantheon of blues guitarists.

God of Guitar: A Visceral Reaction to Jeff Beck

ADSP Chapter 2 -- God of Guitar: A Visceral Reaction to Jeff Beck -- There are 6,189 seats in the Gibson Amphitheater and guitar players are in 5,133 of them. Girlfriends of guitar players are in the rest. The occasion is a rare appearance by Jeff Beck, a somewhat reclusive Englishman whose stunning fret-board work has influenced pop, rock, heavy metal, blues, R&B, and jazz-rock fusion.

Awesome Artistry Flies Under the Fame Radar

ADSP Chapter 20: Life can be a bit of a crapshoot. For example, one never knows when a night on the town will bring you face-to-face with magnificent music. SONIA DADA -- They played for 115 minutes and the crowd was panting for more. That just goes to show you what can happen when a great group sings terrific tunes. This delightful situation went beyond mere sonic pleasure and became almost cosmic because Sonia Dada has tapped into the primal force of life.

Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka: Rock Writing, 1990s to 2010s, Los Angeles – Chapter One: Earplugs and Loose Shoes

ADSP Chapter 1: Rock music is fun and frightening, uplifting and unsettling, glorious and god-awful. For longer than may have been wise, I went to clubs at least three times a week, often catching three bands per night. Then I wrote about it. In this introduction, you will find a few highlights among the lowlifes.

The Wrecking Crew

MusicIndustryNewswire COLUMN: Some songs sound special. There are recordings where there are licks that are tasty and satisfying every time you hear them. Recordings...

Music as Comfort Food

A lot of people listen to current hits and familiar oldies. They stream them, play them, download them, hear them in clubs, and sometimes...

July 4th Music: Surprising Secrets of Patriotic Songs

Whether played by marching band, orchestra, or rock group, there are patriotic tunes that everyone in America finds familiar, exciting and uplifting. Scott G...

Interview: Peter Frampton Talks About ‘Fingerprints’

INTERVIEW: In September 2006, Peter Frampton released his first all-instrumental album, called "Fingerprints." For the project he was able to bring together not only...

Music Review: Peter Frampton ‘Fingerprints’ (2006)

REVIEW: I was pretty excited to hear about the new disc "Fingerprints" (A&M/New Door/UMe) from Peter Frampton, a seminal guitar god from the '70s who became enormously famous for his "Frampton Comes Alive" album and for his formant-tube guitar "talk box" sound on that record 30 years ago. I hadn't really thought about him much lately except when my iTunes jukebox cycled around to his tunes. So, getting the new disc was like hearing from an old friend again.

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