About MuseWire

MuseWire™ – the Synth Magazine covers music makers, synthesizers, electronic music gear, the music industry and related topics – a publication of Neotrope® – formerly Music Industry Newswire. Est 2004. Edited by Christopher Laird Simmons, a working journalist since 1984, and member ASCAP.


MuseWire was originally launched as MusicIndustryNewswire.com back in 2004 by Christopher Laird Simmons, a working journalist since 1984, author, musician, artist, creative guru and cat lover. MuseWire is a publication of Neotrope® established 1983 in California, USA.


MuseWire™ (formerly known as Music Industry Newswire from 2005 to early 2015) is a unique online portal combing a wide variety of original content related to the music business and recording industry, but now focused primarily on Christopher Simmons’ long standing passion for synthesizers (“synths”) and electronic music making. The magazine covers the creation and business side and the retail and consumer side.

We’re in midst of total revamp of site during Summer 2017. This got side-tracked past couple of years due to Chris’ health issue related to major blood sugar spike and stress which is a whole ‘nother story.

This online magazine covers:

  • News about companies, products, services in the music and recording industry
  • Original exclusive interviews with musicians, engineers, bands, and people both behind the stage and in front of the audience
  • Hands-on product reviews of new gear, from the latest music players, to keyboards, mixers, synth, virtual instruments, and studio recording gear
  • Reviews of music downloads, CDs and next-generation Blu-Ray and HD music/video material.

View our staff page for information about our editorial team. We’re all professional musicians, working journalists, gear heads, and/or creative gurus across multiple disciplines. This is no personal blog or impersonal mega-portal, but — we hope — will become a daily destination for anybody who loves making or listening to music in all forms.

As of Summer 2017, our staff has primarily been condensed down to a single person, editor/publisher Christopher Simmons.

We are located in Temecula, California, USA (as of 2019). MuseWire is part of the Neotrope® Entertainment Network and is a trademark and service mark of Neotrope. Our company was established in 1983 by Christopher Laird Simmons and was formerly known as Mindset.