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Synth Reviews

Synth Reviews
Reviews of electronic music gear, hardware and software synthesizers, virtual synths, plugins and related goodies on MuseWire - the Synth Magazine

REVIEW: The Shure x2u XLR to USB Adapter

MuseWire REVIEW: With so many XLR to USB adapters now available on the market, it's tough to decide upon which interface will be the...

REVIEW: Music Computing StudioBLADE Keyboard Production Station

REVIEW: While the concept of a music keyboard with a computer inside isn't entirely new, the folks at Austin, Texas start-up Music Computing think...

Review: Sonic Reality ‘Sonic Refill Ultra Loaded’

REVIEW: If you're a long-time user of Propellerhead's REASON application, or just coming back to it with the new version 4, as I am,...
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Review: Open Labs NeKo XXL Gen5 DAW Keyboard Workstation

REVIEW: I'm a big fan of Open Labs' music workstation instruments, so I was pretty excited when they announced the rebirth of their XXL...

Review: Microsoft SongSmith – No Talent Required

REVIEW: Creating a song can be joy or toil, art or craft, pleasure or pain. What it cannot be is free from effort. Certain...

Review: Open Labs NeKo TSE Keyboard Workstation

REVIEW: The concept of the so-called workstation keyboard is certainly not new; with a wide range of current such products on the market from...

Review: IK Multimedia SampleMoog

REVIEW: I've been a fan of the late (and sadly missed) Bob Moog's various sound creation inventions since the mid 1970s. I first saw...

Review: Guitars That Fan the Flames of Desire

Scott G playing a Minarik InfernoREVIEW: Celebrating an endorsement between G-Man Music and the fiery axe-makers known as Minarik Guitars, Scott G (The G-Man) reviews the Minarik Inferno X-treme, a design that is fueling the excitement of a new generation of musicians.

Review: Western Digital My Book Premium Edition 500GB

REVIEW: You can never be too rich or have enough disk space, or be too paranoid about data back-up. In recently deciding it was time to do some back-ups of audio and imaging projects, and other valuable docs, and put them in a fire-proof safe, after somebody's house burnt down nearby, I chose to look at external hard drives.

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