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David Kronemyer

Mr. David Kronemyer started his career in the music business playing 12-string electric guitar in a folk rock band. Lacking sufficient talent to continue as a performer he began to manage bands and promote shows. He formerly was Vice President of Capitol Records and Senior Vice President of Atlantic Records. Segueing to the movie business he became President of Gold Circle Films and then President of Cerberus Films. He currently is producing records and directing independent movies, none of which have much commercial potential.

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  1. Avatar photo John Bowen
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 9:32 PM PST

    In actuality, there already is a program that will spit out the required
    SamplePool.txt file and render the .raw data files needed for the
    Solaris to play samples – it’s Translator 6.0 (build 3) by Chicken
    Systems, and works quite well. (I’ve only used it to do this, so I can’t
    comment on other aspects of the program.) I use the Mac OS X version.

    Bernard Wong is planning to make something simpler, but I don’t know
    what or when. Ken Elhardt was only involved in making some presets for
    the Solaris – he’s not working on anything concerning samples (in fact,
    his preset work is meant to show what the Solaris can do WITHOUT the use
    of samples in producing acoustic instruments!).

    Just to set the record straight!