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David Kronemyer

Mr. David Kronemyer started his career in the music business playing 12-string electric guitar in a folk rock band. Lacking sufficient talent to continue as a performer he began to manage bands and promote shows. He formerly was Vice President of Capitol Records and Senior Vice President of Atlantic Records. Segueing to the movie business he became President of Gold Circle Films and then President of Cerberus Films. He currently is producing records and directing independent movies, none of which have much commercial potential.


  1. Avatar photo Mary Hall
    May 6, 2010 @ 5:51 AM PDT

    Bhaskar Menon is BRILLIANT. He turned Capital around, period.
    He DISCOVERED Pink Floyd.
    He sheparded McCartney and Lennon through solo success.
    This article does not do him justice.
    His kindness, generosity, sharp intellect and business savvy would be an asset to any business.
    EMI was lucky to have him

  2. Avatar photo ADRIAN MURRAY
    Feb 12, 2011 @ 12:45 AM PST

    I worked in a backwater (contracts) of EMI Records UK’s Business Affairs unit as the 1980ies dawned. This crappy, under-resources, inappropriately-staffed, deeply demoralised department was hell-on-earth… the most under-regarded yet one of the most vital in the whole company. Bhaskar Menon was never seen in London for the most of time I was there. There were far too many chiefs….about 19 former MD’s hanging around …including a real arse hole called Leslie Hill, who went on to become Head of ITV…a craggy old Aussie called Ken East who had great personal integrity and character…..the real star though was an ageing A&R guy who sadly burned out …name of Colin Burn………too many chiefs and the wrong type of Indian….BM ! I find all your posts very fascinating but who else has much knowledge of what you are talking about! I grew to love the Capitol logo despite it then being a shitty company!