John Scott G

John Scott G

John Scott G, an admitted word nerd, writes books, plays, screenplays, and political commentary. Author of "Area Code 666," "Secret Sex," and "Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka," Mr. G also writes under the pseudonym Gerald Laurence. Every day he happily rubs a few phrases up against each other to create sparks in your brain. You're welcome.


  1. Avatar photo Tony Gottlieb
    Mar 16, 2011 @ 9:52 PM PDT

    This massive effort is the most important work occurring in the music business and intellectual property rights industry today.

    “We cannot enforce what cannot track.” – Bob Kohn

  2. Avatar photo John Scott G
    Mar 21, 2011 @ 8:41 PM PDT

    Thanks for the comment, Tony. I have received several direct e-mails about this piece but it is great when someone takes the time to post a reaction. And it’s always nice to see Al or Bob Kohn’s name in reference to anything written about the music biz!