Saturday, January 20, 2018
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Raychel Harvey-Jones
Raychel Harvey-Jones is a British born journalist now living the American dream. As a multi-media journalist and producer Raychel has worked for Bloomberg, Accuweather, ABC News Now and more recently NBC in Washington D.C. She has been a past contributor to the Neotrope® News Network and is now a contributor to MuseWire™.
John Preston singer

New Album ‘Battle Cry: Songs of America’s Heroes’ to Help Veterans

NEW MUSIC: I feel as if we live in a society these days where most people are looking out for themselves with some out to make an easy buck. As a former professional singer music will always be a part of me, a passion. Many say music is the only universal language.

Music Makers: Sometimes Superman Falls

MUSIC MAKERS: Always a singer/songwriter John Preston set out with a mission through music to raise suicide awareness among vets. What he didn’t see coming was the suicide of his brother, a vet and his hero.

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