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John Scott G

John Scott G, an admitted word nerd, writes books, plays, screenplays, and political commentary. Author of "Area Code 666," "Secret Sex," and "Ambient Deviant Speedmetal Polka," Mr. G also writes under the pseudonym Gerald Laurence. Every day he happily rubs a few phrases up against each other to create sparks in your brain. You're welcome.


  1. Avatar photo Jimmy Manic
    Nov 17, 2006 @ 2:06 PM PST

    Nada music is deifnately a broad category. Nada music should be taken further then the artist and directly to the people/labels who release them. I wonder if they truely believe that what they’re putting out sux so bad that its going to make them gagillions. Maybe? Id like to see a comparison chart of nada musicians against the money they’ve recouped. There should be a website called where you can enter a nada musician into a database. They should be branded “NADA” on all media. Or would that be helping them suck? Last question… Are Nada musicians more successful than others? Just wondering… Crossing over might support my family!!

  2. Avatar photo dj insane
    Nov 18, 2006 @ 2:41 PM PST

    Nada as in nothing? hahah great notice.

    Its really a common thing that people want to be a music artist siner or whatever only for the money and the fame, and the put the music on the 2nd place, well.. that is nOT AT ALL how it goes, so i totally agree with Scott about this,

    dj insane.