1. Avatar photo Michael
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 10:24 AM PST

    As a Studio Musician now in his late 50’s I’ve pretty much seen it all. Many of my friends were involved with the inspiration for American Idol, Star Search. Well, I can say this about that… In all my years of watching this type of production, I’ve seen 3 people successfully push the envelope into a successful “career” in Music. Please understand that I consider a successful career in Music at just under 5 years. Most artists never make it 6 months, no matter how good they are. Then, there is the type of tune that usually wins these competitions, usually some sort of Country tune turned pop, or classic blues turned pop. Seldom does an original style seep into the finals at any of these types of shows, it’s always someone who sounds like this, or sounds like that. When you think back to the fact that 80% of the Music Industry money is tied into RAP, it’s hard to believe that these people believe they are going to break out and make the big money, singing a soulful rendition of an Aretha Franklin tune from 1972.

  2. Avatar photo Michael
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 10:33 AM PST

    One more note. If you look back you’ll see that Star Search had a similar clause in their contacts where the show “owned the rights” to their work for a period of time, as I recall it was one year. Most artists that parlay a good performance on one of these shows into something that earns airtime will do it within 3 months of winning the show. Even if you have multiple chart toppers by the time you actually make money again [after paying the Piper for a year] you are probably on the way out of the industry. Fortunately I avoided all of this. I simply worked for others and said Yes Sir, convincingly when asked. After 25 years I certainly didn’t get rich, but I made my house payments every month.