Xils-Lab this week announced the pending release of version 1.0 (now in final BETA), of its latest creation, a new take on the venerable drum machine, combining virtual analog and multi-synthesis to set it apart from the horde of existing fare.

According to the typical bold claims, Xils states that, “StiX can make things no other Drum Machines can do. Multiple synthesis engines, next level XoX sequencer, pristine virtual analog synthesis, last generation 0df filters, and unique modulators.” On the plus side, I just listened to all the demos and it sounds really nice. Very analog, even on my good studio monitors (FOCAL), and my office speakers (Sony 4-way plus subwoofer).

xils Stix EasyXoX

Currently offered in beta 0.9 form, at reduced price, Xils have partnered with Wave Alchemy to include some of their best Drum Machine Legends Samples in StiX Factory Library when the full version ships in March.

Although there was a hardware drum machine by a similar name, way back in 1982, Sound Master “STIX PROGRAMMA” ST-305, this plugin has no relation to that device.

Features Overview:
10 full featured Synthesizers :

Analog Engines : Morphing Oscillators, 4th Generation Zero-DelayFeedback-Filters, Fast and snappy Envelopes with time multipliers, LFO operating @ audio rate. All these components have been closely modeled after some prestigious and rare analog synthesizers for an unmatched authenticity of analog percussion and drum sounds. Sample accurate audio engine.

Beyond Analog & MultiSynthesis : FM Sine Oscillators (With Wave Shaping), 3rd Oscillator can load Sample. Cross Synthesis Modulations between all components. User defined Macro Controls. Sequencer driven Modulations

Easy Synthesis Page : Populated with several Macro controls especially developed for Drum Synthesis control : Stretch, Global Pitch ( Divergent, Convergent, Linear mode )Macro 1 and 2. Cut Off and resonance. Exclusive PolyStep Modulator ( Steps Sequencer driven Macro Modulations, the place where magic will always happen )

Advanced Synthesis page : Everything you could dream of on a Virtual Analog synthesizer. 3 multi Synthesis Oscillators with phase retrig. 3 envelopes. 2 LFO with cumulative waveforms, Midi Sync and Retrig. User defined Macros with plethora of sources and destinations. Vintage prewired Modulation Matrix with positive and negative intensity.

xils Stix oscillators
The XoX Sequencer :

The MultiLine Editor : Custom number of steps per beat. Per Step Division Trigger ( Stutter, Rolls). Custom number of beats per bar ( Global). Global Swing. The multiline editor is as easy to use as any traditional XOX sequencer, its just much more powerful and fun to use.

The Single Line Editor : To edit in depth a sequencer line. Per Step : Micro Position ( Flams, per line Swing, Reverse, Humanize) Gate Time, Velocity, And Macro Control of Synthesis parameters. Gang Mode Control.

Pattern and Song Modes : 12 patterns & BlockPatterns ( Chains. Available in v1.0 ),and one Song, with their own preset system. Fast Song building. Lock Pattern display function.

Full details can be found at:

Complete audio demos can be found at:

They have also launched a competition/contest through Feb. 29, 2016 for those who download, play with and contribute to the full launch of StiX : 3 categories, 18 winners, 18 Xils-Lab instruments to win, more than 1500 € of prizes. Contest categories include: Category 1 : Global Preset Design; Category 2 : Drumpads and Drumkit Design ( A drumkit includes 10 drumpads); and Category 3 : Demo Track ( StiX with other instruments in any genre ). More information on the contest can be found at: https://www.xils-lab.com/pages/StiXbyXils_Contest.html.

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