UVI has announced release of the latest in their Prototype Series, PX V8. Examining a rare 8-voice analog polyphonic synth, the Voyetra 8, PX V8 presents a rich and charactered analog instrument thanks to its unique voice cards, real analog unison and deep modulation system.

UVI PX V8 Synth Plugin
According to the company, “Every base sound in PX V8 was recorded with and without the Voyetra 8’s unison mode enabled, simply toggle the ‘V8 Unison’ switch on the UI’s main page to switch between them. Combined with PX V8’s dual-layer design this allows for the creation of thick and dynamic analog tones that would have been impossible to create on the original hardware.”

Originally released in 1982, the Voyetra 8 was a rackmount analog synth weighing a hefty 78 lb.. Now exceedingly rare, this synthesizer offered an extraordinary modulation system by way of 6 parameter pages, and yielded a deep and powerful sound thanks in part to its component design and real analog unison.

PX V8 offers native 64-bit standalone operation by way of Falcon or the free UVI Workstation, providing comprehensive support for all modern DAWs and simultaneous authorization on up to 3 computers or iLok keys.

UVI PX V8 Mod Screen
UVI are proud to present 400 presets, 176 layers, and over 25,000 samples detailing the uncompromising analog sound of the Voyetra 8. Ready-to-play sounds are available in the usual flavors such as bass, brass, keys, leads, organs, pads, poly, strings and more, while a 2-layer design loaded with envelopes, multimode filters, modulation, arpeggiators and a capable effect section allow for the creation of completely new and unique sounds.

According to UVI, “PX V8 has been a passion project, it took us 2 years to track down a Voyetra Eight, and even then it required significant work to restore to factory condition. Our sound designers spent over 6 months creating sounds with the Voyetra for PX V8; learning the instruments structure, designing patches, exploring possibilities, recording and editing. We tested numerous configurations of cables and converters to ensure you’d experience the highest quality sound before settling on Vovox and Prism, the results are clear.”

PX V8 is available through December 10, 2018 at a special introductory “launch” price of $49/49€ (regularly $79/79€). Learn more at: https://www.uvi.net/px-v8.html.

Official intro video (YouTube):

UVI PX V8 | Trailer

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