UVI has announced a new add-on for their flagship FALCON virtual instrument, sampler, workstation: Digital Motion explores FM synthesis from vintage digital to visionary hybrid tones. According to UVI, when utilized within the modular architecture of Falcon, “Digital Motion” delivers a focused set of hyper-detailed and expressive FM patches offering vivid, evolving and highly-musical visions.

UVI Digital Motion
According to the company: The sounds of Digital Motion are layered and massive, providing a range of possible tones within each patch. Mix and tweak 3 discrete layers of synthesis, a uniquely prepared “Morph” control providing instant movement and modulation, ADSR amplitude envelope, filter and sends for reverb and delay.

Quickly find sounds within useful groupings including bells, pads, keys, organs, leads, basses, atmospheres and FX, then tweak them on the front panel to create variations, or dig deep and transform them into your own unique sonic expressions.

GUI for UVI Digital Motion
The Digital Motion expansion leverages the advanced synthesis capabilities and software architecture of Falcon, which sports 15 oscillators, over 80 effects and a fast and intuitive interface that adeptly handles both basic tasks and deep instrument design. All presets have been programmed with macros which provide the user with easy access to the key parameters of each patch. These may be controlled via MIDI, OSC, host automation and Lua scripting, allowing for easy customization and expressive performance capabilities.

Priced at $39, it’s an affordable add-on for new palettes and tones for every Falcon user to explore. (Falcon license required. Not compatible with UVI Workstation.)

Learn more about Digital Motion at: https://www.uvi.net/digital-motion.html

Learn more about UVI Falcon at: https://www.uvi.net/falcon.html


UVI Digital Motion for Falcon | Trailer

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