IK Multimedia today announced that registered users of the Syntronik J-60 synth can download a free update from their User Area and enjoy 42 all-new instrument sounds and an additional 1.2GB of new oscillator samples. The J-60 is based on the Roland® Juno-60, one of the most popular polyphonic synths of all time, used by artists like The Cure, Howard Jones, Eurythmics, Billy Idol, INXS, Ultravox and many others.

Syntronik J-60

According to the company, “The new content focuses on pulse width modulation: both LFO-driven cyclical modulation of the pulse width and envelope-driven pulse width sweeps all provided at several different rates. Plus, there is also a new “Deep Pulse” instrument that provides a new square wave that has been meticulously sampled chromatically with many round robins for maximum analog sound accuracy.”

These sampled oscillators are combined with the proprietary DRIFT™ algorithm for ultimate realism along with circuit-modeled filters and an unparalleled effects section including the Ensemble, a modeled chorus that recreates this critical aspect of the unique Juno-60 sound. These new instrument presets offer a significant expansion to the already impressive library included with the Syntronik J-60.

Learn more about the J-60 virtual instrument from IK Multimedia at: http://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/synj60/

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Syntronik – Hardware Synthesizer DNA – Part 4

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