WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. (MuseWire) – Arturia U.S. today announced a special promotion from May through June, 2012, for quite large product upgrades when purchasing either a Spark drum machine package, or any Analog Experience keyboard/software combo.

According to Arturia, the package upgrades include:
* If you buy Spark you will get a FREE V Collection (value $549/499Eur)
* If you buy Analog Experience THE PLAYER, you will get 1 FREE Software Instrument (value $229 / 249Eur)
* If you buy Analog Experience THE FACTORY, you will get 2 FREE Software Instruments (value $458 / 498Eur)
* If you buy Analog Experience THE LABORATORY, you will get 3 FREE Software Instruments (value $687 / 747Eur)
* If you buy Analog Experience THE LABORATORY 61, you will get 4 FREE Software Instruments (value $916 / 996Eur).

Accorsing to the company, “This is a unique chance to add to your sonic arsenal instruments that every major studio now considers classics. This a unique chance to combine a great deal and a great opportunity to grant your music with the quality instruments it deserves.”