UVI UVX-3P Virtual Vintage Synth

Paris, France (MuseWire) – Adding to their recent lineup of classic (“vintage”) synth sound instruments based on ’70s and ’80s synthesizers, UVI has released the “UVX-3P” which is clearly inspired by the Roland JX-3P, one of the first MIDI-enabled analog-digital keyboards.

According to the company: “UVI introduces UVX-3P, a superb instrument inspired by the Roland JX-3P, at an outstanding price, $79 (introductory price, instead of $99).”

UVX-3P was developed with the same care and thoroughness as our other Vintage series instruments. A JX-3P was fully restored to factory spec, programmed by members of UVI sound design team and deeply multi-sampled, capturing samples both dry and with the built-in analog chorus enabled. Great care was taken to capture a wide range of the sonic capabilities of this synth, giving you 160+ presets in all.

Explore the included sounds or design your own patches from scratch through an immaculately prepared UI. Take your sound design even further with the wide range of effects available in the industry leading UVI Engine.

More info: http://blog.uvi.net/sounds-instruments/uvx-3p/

SoundCloud Audio Demo:

UVI Workstation 2.0.9 is required (free).
Download UVI Workstation 2.0.9: http://bit.ly/uvi-workstation-2-0-9