ASHEVILLE, N.C. (MuseWire) – Throughout Moogfest weekend (October 28-30), The Bob Moog Foundation will provide a hub for Moog history and education at the festival’s Moogaplex, located in the heart of downtown Asheville in the Haywood Park Hotel. In addition to hosting panels and discussions beginning at noon each day, the Foundation will share a full interactive set up of theremins and synthesizers in its Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool experiential area.

Michelle Moog-Koussa, Eric Persing, Daniel Auon
OMG-1 with (L-R) Michelle Moog-Koussa, Eric Persing, Daniel Auon.

A complete lineup of the Foundation’s panels can be found here:

Knowledgeable volunteers will be present to educate attendees and guide their sonic exploration. A display of Bob Moog’s archives, including vintage instruments, schematics, photos and writings will be on display. Bob Moog Foundation Historian Brian Kehew and Education and Archive Specialist, Marc Doty, will be on hand to answer questions.

Also exclusive to Moogfest is SYNTH: A Group Art Show Inspired by Bob Moog. Sixteen concert poster artists have donated custom, hand-printed, Moog-inspired posters that will be for sale throughout the weekend. The show also takes place in the Moogaplex.

In support of its efforts to create a nationwide curriculum that teaches the science of sound through the magic of music, the Foundation will be launching a fundraising campaign at Moogfest in support of its hallmark education program, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool. The campaign, based at, features a video that uses Bob Moog’s own voice and footage of students experiencing the innovative curriculum. The campaign includes incentives at each level of giving and can be accessed through the following link: .

To further support its initiatives, the Foundation is launching its first Moogfest Raffle. A Minimoog Voyager synthesizer, donated by Moog Music, Inc. will be raffled at $10 per ticket at Moogfest. Tickets will be available at the Foundation’s merchandise area in the Moogaplex and online to donors of the Indiegogo campaign. The raffle is open to Moogfest attendees and the general public. The synthesizer will be signed by various Moogfest artists throughout the weekend. Photos of the signings will be posted throughout the weekend on the Foundation’s Facebook page. The instrument, a model from the company’s Select Series, has a whitewash cabinet and blue backlighting as an homage to the Foundation’s signature colors of white and royal blue.

On Friday of the festival at 3 p.m., the Foundation will host Convergence: The Integration of Hardware and Software in the 21st Century. Eric Persing, president of Spectrasonics, will award the one-of-a-kind OMG-1 synthesizer to Torley Wong, who won it by submitting a stunning 15 songs made almost exclusively from the Bob Moog Tribute Library. Torley in turn donated the 15 song album, OMG:Amplify to the Bob Moog Foundation as a fundraiser. The album can be downloaded through the Foundation’s Bandcamp site at .