Kurzweil announces KORE 64 Upgrade ROM Expansion for PC3 and PC3K Synthesizer Keyboards

Kurzweil announces KORE 64 Upgrade ROM Expansion for PC3 and PC3K Synthesizer Keyboards


Kurzweil KORE 64WALTHAM, Mass. (MuseWire) – Announced today by Kurzweil Music Systems, the new Kurzweil KORE 64(TM) ROM option represents a complete expansion and reimagining of the PC3 and PC3K’s sonic potential. Pushing the limits of V.A.S.T. synthesis for both realistic and experimental electronic sounds, KORE 64 adds over 300 new programs, including stunning new Synths, Electric Guitars, Horns, Drums and Percussion. With KORE 64 installed, the PC3/K built-in program library now totals over 1400 presets!

Pricing is $249 SRP, available from Kurzweil dealers.

New Setups:
•50 new setups featuring the KORE 64™ sounds.
•Over 200 new drum grooves in multiple styles.
•New Dance and Hip Hop setups for triggering and controlling beats in real time.

New Synths:
•New samples modeled after the Oberheim SEM, ARP Chroma , TX802, CZ1, and dozens of legacy waveforms from the K series.
•Over 100 new synth programs.
•Sounds for popular electronic music styles like House, Trance, Dubstep, Drum&Bass, Glitch, Electro Hip Hop, and more.
•More real time controls, beat-synced modulations, and envelope control transform sounds without hitting the edit button.
•Atmospheric and cycling pads voiced for performing, producing, and scoring.

New Guitars:
•New samples modeled after the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster.
•Palm muted and sustained articulations playable in a picked or legato style.
•Instant-shredder arpeggiator patterns, whammy bar effects, and realistic feedback emulations.
•Preset sounds from Rock, Country, Rock-a-Billy, Metal, Funk, and more.

New Brass/Woodwinds:
•New alto sax, tenor sax, baritone sax, trumpet, and trombone samples.
•New programs include solo instruments and custom sections with many combinations of the different instruments.
•Articulate with pressure on several new programs.
•Sections cover styles from Big Band, Soul, Funk, Latin, R&B, Hip Hop, Rock and more.

New Drums
•Drums from Yamaha, Ludwig, Pearl, DW, Rogers, and Gretsch recorded as full kits.
•Full cymbal arrays recorded with Zildjian, Paiste, and Sabian cymbals.
•72 new Drum Kits and 62 percussion instruments and templates.
•10 times the samples and 30 times the data of the existing PC3/PC3K Drums.
•All drum kits have mixer functioning on the sliders to change the level the kick, snare, toms, hats, and percussion independently.
•Unsurpassed realism and playability for sampled drums.
•Full complement of Electronic and Processed Drum samples.
•Scratches, hits and Industrial Sounds.
•Wide variety of traditional and processed Percussion sounds.

Kurzweil Music Systems also announced the release of OS v2.20 for the PC3K and PC3 Series instruments, adding support for the all new KORE 64(TM) ROM Option Expansion.

A peek inside v2.20:
• With KORE 64™ installed** experience:
– Tons of inspiring new Samples, Programs, Setups and Grooves;
– Stunning new Synths, Electric Guitars, Horns, Drum and Percussion;
– Samples from the K2 Series ROM.
• A variety of maintenance enhancements/fixes.

**Note: even if KORE 64™ is not installed, all PC3/K units can still update to OS v2.20 and benefit from the general system refinements.

More information: http://kurzweil.com/accessory/kore64/ .