ASHEVILLE, N.C. (MuseWire) – The Bob Moog Foundation announces the release of its 2012 calendar, “Moog Pioneers in the Studio.” The calendar features photos and history from Bob Moog’s archives, as well as photos from collections of pioneering synthesists. The photos and text, compiled and written by BMF volunteer historian Brian Kehew, focus on more obscure luminaries and their fascinating instruments.

Through documenting the many musicians, composers, and scholars who collaborated with Moog, the Foundation aims to share the breadth of material encompassed in the inventor’s archives and to share the very rich history of electronic music. In addition to three photos that feature Moog himself, “Moog Pioneers in the Studio” also features Joel Chadabe, Jon Appleton, Jean Jacques-Perrey, Chris Swansen, Jon Weiss, Max Brand, Herb Deutsch, JD Robb, Eric Siday, Emmanuel Ghent, Mort Garson, and Gil Trythall.

As an ode to Moog’s pioneering work in modular synthesis, the background of calendar grid features art images of vintage Moog modules from symphonic synthiesist Erik Norlander’s 1967 modular system. The images were taken by Shaun Hollingsworth of [SIC] Images. The calendar was designed by Rose Hecht and edited by Geary Yelton. Both Kehew and Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa wrote forewords for the calendar.

The calendar is available for purchase on the Bob Moog Foundation’s brand new online store. All proceeds from online sales go to support the Foundation’s ongoing projects, including the preservation of Bob’s historical and extensive archives, the expansion of our Dr. Bob’s Sound School, and creation of the Moogseum in Asheville, N.C.

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