Best Service Announces Forest Kingdom Virtual Instrument by Eduardo Tarilonte

Best Service Announces Forest Kingdom Virtual Instrument by Eduardo Tarilonte


Munchen, Germany (MuseWire) – Best Service presents Forest Kingdom. Developed by Eduardo Tarilonte – the renowned producer of “Epic World” and many other highly regarded libraries – Forest Kingdom is a unique sample library inspired by Nature. It is the sound of forests and jungles, the sound of Mother Nature herself in one sample library!

Forest Kingdom is a 7 GB library with more than 200 patches and 7.500 individual samples (44Khz-24bits) that includes flutes, harps, percussion, fantasy creatures, voices and sonic landscapes. Thanks to Best Service ENGINE 2 sample player, you will enjoy a beautiful, intuitive and easy to use interface. No sample player is required.

Deep in the forest you´ll find: Real instruments playable in real time – deeply sampled, true legato and portamento, round robin and multiple ornaments with key switches.

* Celtic Harps: Two magical harps (accoustic and electric)
* Flutes: Bulgarian piccolo flute, Native American Kiowa flute, African Fula Flute, Double Flute, Xiao and a full set of Panpipes, from the tiniest to the hugest (1,5 meters height and B0 to C6 range)
* Percussion: A great set of percussion instruments from ambient to powerful, including numerous different shakers, chimes, taiko, duff, cumacos, slic drum, udu, marimbola (a huge kalimba) and more…Percussion has from 6 to 14 different velocity layers and 4 round robin each.
* Pads: 80 totally controllable soundscapes the likes of which you’ve never heard before.
* Voices: A beautiful ethereal solo voice with real legato and shamanic phrases.
* Fantasy Creatures: Forest Kingdom includes an array of fantasy creatures sounds and bird calls.

The power of the forest and the power of nature will power your music!

Price is approx. US$242 for the 4.75GB instrument. A free demo version (roughly 780MB) is also available.