AUSTIN, Texas — The Alex Jones Show announced today that Willie Nelson, Jimmie Vaughan, Jesse Ventura, and Alex Jones will all appear live at the Backyard Live Oak Amphitheater in Austin, TX, this Sunday October 26th, for the Peaceful Solution, Peace Revolution, Take Back America event, which will be streamed live on the Internet at and for free. As well as a fantastic helping of live music from Willie Nelson, Jimmie Vaughan and others, Ventura and Jones will give speeches against the war.

The title for the event originates from a lyric from Willie Nelson’s “Peaceful Solution” song. The event will be video streamed live on and from 9 p.m. CDT onwards for free.

Alex Jones ShowBoth Willie Nelson and former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura have been vociferously outspoken in recent months against the 9/11 cover-up, the war in Iraq and the recent Wall Street bailout.

Nelson made headlines earlier this year after he told the Alex Jones Show he thought the twin towers were imploded like condemned Las Vegas casino buildings.

Ventura has been similarly forceful in his comments about the attacks throughout 2008, citing his training as a Basic Underwater Demolition Seal to call into question the freefall collapse of the towers and Building 7.

This will be the final concert for The Backyard Live Oak Amphitheater. They have provided their venue for the last 16 years in Austin, TX.

An internationally recognized and acclaimed journalist, Alex Jones is vehemently opposed to the war in Iraq and all future wars for empire and control. He has produced over 15 documentary films, including, Terrorstorm, (which reached number 7 on‘s bestseller list) an anti-war treatise extensively documenting how governments and the power elite have historically used false-flag terror operations as an excuse for wars and totalitarianism. Jones is considered the father of the 9/11 Truth Movement and is syndicated to over 80 stations across the country.

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