Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Jackie Fabulous has brains, confidence, personality and wisdom making her a comedic force to...

JACKIE FABULOUS, a native New Yorker from The Bronx, is a "gut-busting," headlining comedian who uses comedy to simultaneously entertain and inspire her audiences. Having survived her fair share of loves, tragedies, lessons and embarrassing moments, Jackie channels all of that energy into a performance that makes it difficult not to want more. She comes with a message and a lesson that surpasses the stand-up comedy club stage and sets her apart from her peers.
Daniel Edwards -Michael Phelps

Artist Daniel Edwards Pokes Celebrity Sports Figure Michael Phelps with Son Boomer in ‘Virtual...

ART NEWS: Having been a fan of sculptor, artist, and pop culture trickster Daniel Edwards for well over a decade now (I think I interviewed him for my old podcast way back in 2005!), it's always a treat to see what shenanigans he will come up with next. His latest project, announced this past week is called the "First Virtual Reality Monument" will open to the public at Irv Art at 206 South Audubon Road in Indianapolis in November of 2016.
Mission Music

Mission Music donates gift of music to children in Philadelphia for summer camps

Mission Music, a nonprofit agency in New Jersey that provides underserved youth with access to musical instruments and lessons regardless of their ability to pay, is donating a half dozen acoustic guitars to The Village of Arts and Humanities in Philadelphia, Pa., on Thursday, July 14, 2016.

ContinuuCon 2016: First Continuum Fingerboard Conference and Concert

For fans of multi-dimensional MIDI controllers, and true performance instruments in favor of grid controllers, the first (annual?) Haken Continuum Conference has been announced...

Book Review: Numbers in the Raw Equal ‘Naked Statistics’

REVIEW: Before fleeing in horror from a book about numbers and mathematics, take a moment to consider the humor of Charles Wheelan's “Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data” (ISBN: 978-0-393-34777-7). Odds are you'll enjoy it. Well, at least sixty or seventy percent of it.
xils Stix EasyXoX

XILS announces StiX, a Virtual Analog and MultiSynthesis Drum Machine with NextGen XoX Sequencer

MUSIC GEAR: Xils-Lab this week announced the pending release of version 1.0 (now in final BETA), of its latest creation, a new take on the venerable drum machine, combining virtual analog and multi-synthesis to set it apart from the horde of existing fare.
Paul Rourke of ASCAP

ASCAP Names Paul Rourke Executive VP and CFO

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers, today announced the appointment of Paul Rourke as its Executive Vice President and Chief Financial...

Fiction: Area Code 666 – Octauo et tricensimo Portion (part 38)

FICTION: Area Code 666 - Part 38 (Mature): The man known only as Zan, who claims to be of extra-terrestrial origin, yesterday was shot forty-one times by a phalanx of police who were then apprehended by the U.S. Navy for illegal entry to the area of land known as The Protectorate.

Book Review: Supreme Injustice in ‘Injustices: The Supreme Court’s History of Comforting the Comfortable’

REVIEW: Demonstrating how the malignancy known as Conservatism has repeatedly poisoned the Supreme Court of the United States, "Injustices: The Supreme Court's History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted" by Ian Millhiser (ISBN: 9781568584560) is detailed, horrific, and important.

Book Review: Writer Bites Boss in Barton Swaim’s ‘The Speechwriter’

REVIEW: Barton Swaim has done what every writer secretly longs to do: publish the unvarnished reality about his jerk employer. Too short to be called a tell-all, 'The Speechwriter: A Brief Education in Politics' (ISBN: 9781476769929) is an interesting portrait of a stupid and disgusting Republican politician (as if there's any other kind).

UVI announces FALCON, a virtual instrument with 15 oscillators covering both synthesis and sampling...

NEWS: As a likely response to the popular Omnisphere 2, UVI have announced their own hybrid synthesis+samples instrument, Falcon, which they describe as a "fully-featured hybrid instrument with 15 oscillators covering both synthesis and sampling techniques, over 80 effects, extensive modulation control and more."

Native Instruments releases KOMPLETE KONTROL 1.5 with NKS integration and Arturia Promotion

NEWS: Native Instruments today released a number of new advancements to their KOMPLETE KONTROL product family, while also announcing a special offer for folks to purchase competitor Arturia's virtual synth lineup at a special price, marking Arturia's updates for compatibility with the NKS protocol.

Book Review: Nix On Nixon – ‘One Man Against the World’

REVIEW: Richard Nixon embodied nearly everything that is evil about Conservatives, and then he added alcoholism and paranoia to the mix. In Tim Weiner's 'One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon' (ISBN: 9781627790833), the revelations from Nixon's recently-released secret tapes go beyond the deceitfulness we already knew about Tricky Dick.

Book Review: ‘Rise of the Robots’ – They’re coming to take your job!

Robotics, politics, and economics -- they're coming to take your job. That's just one warning in "Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future" (ISBN: 9780465059997), Martin Ford's quietly frightening book that's actually more about economics than robotics.

Bluesy Prog Rock lives with The Usual Suspects who get ‘Back to Zero’ with...

REVIEW: A Southern California band formed in 2014 from local seasoned musicians, called "The Usual Suspects," is rocking fans with delicate flavors of the Doobie Brothers, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, and Tower of Power for a unique recipe.

Book Review: If You Know Nada about Dada – ‘Destruction Was My Beatrice’

REVIEW: It may sound like baby-talk but Dada was a controversial art movement that flared up during World War I and insisted on taking unconventionality to new heights. "Destruction Was My Beatrice: Dada and the Unmaking of the Twentieth Century" (ISBN: 9780465089963) by Jed Rasula presents a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of Dadaists as they attempted to forever alter art and literature.

Fiction: Area Code 666 – Triginta Septima (part 37)

FICTION: Area Code 666 Part 37 - by John Scott G: Zan left the pleasure chamber after enjoying the flesh of the young woman. Or was it actually Zan? Perhaps it was a fantasy of a middle-aged man who bought or obtained a favor. Perhaps it was a fantasy of a woman of a certain age who wanted to experience the thrill ...

Fiction: Area Code 666 – Pars triginta sex (part 36)

FICTION: Area Code 666 Part Thirty-Six (363636) - by John Scott G: The girl's face appeared to be radiating loveliness, and at times, she could appear almost innocent. Yet at the same time, her body conjured up feelings that were the polar opposite of innocence; she was alluring, desirable, and exciting.

Book Review: My, What Big Science You Have! Dealing with the Dreaded Military-industrial Complex

REVIEW: Making things go 'boom' is just one result of the incredible journey of the scientists working with Ernest O. Lawrence. His besmirch and destruction lairs -- oops, I mean research and development facilities -- shaped our modern age. Michael Hiltzik takes you up close and personal with the people of “Big Science” (ISBN: 9781451675757) who put us on the road to dealing with the dreaded military-industrial complex.

Will Humans be the Next Extinction? Welcome to Doomsday in Kolbert’s ‘The Sixth Extinction’

BOOK REVIEW: If humanity keeps on its present course, the result may well be “The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History” (ISBN: 9781250062185). Elizabeth Kolbert's writing is delightful even as her book documents a doomsday scenario.

Book Review: Finding a Funny Continent in Bryson’s ‘The Lost Continent’

REVIEW: Chuckles, chortles, grins, guffaws and belly laughs. You'll find all that and more in 'The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America' (ISBN: 9780060920081), a wonderfully observant and politically incorrect book from Bill Bryson.

Book Review: Birthed in Blood and Betrayal – A People’s History of the United...

REVIEW: With two million copies sold, Howard Zinn's 'A People's History of the United States' (ISBN: 9780060838652) is possibly the most successful history book in, well, history. It is also riveting, sobering, and valuable. While decent Americans admire it, RWNJs loathe it.

Fiction: Area Code 666 – Partie trente-cinq (part 35)

FICTION: Area Code 666 Part 35 (by John Scott G): "For the next several weeks, training sessions will be a big part of your lives," Claire said to the girls lined up in front of her. "They are sometimes called satisfaction sessions," she added and then began slowly walking past the girls, running her eyes up and down their bodies.

RODE Microphones acquires Aphex, famous maker of Aural Exciter

NEWS: RØDE Microphones acquires Aphex. It was a surprise today to see two of my favorite brands come together. Australian pro-audio company RODE Microphones today announced its acquisition of legendary audio technology manufacturer, U.S.-based Aphex.

Native Instruments launches information portal for ‘Stems’ multi-channel audio format for creative live performance

NEWS: Native Instruments (NI) today announced the public launch of a new information portal on the "Stems" audio format. The website outlines what the heck the new format is for, and NI describes the new multi-channel audio format as being 'for creative DJing and live performance.'

Music Industry Guru Loren Weisman announces launch of new ‘Music Business For Dummies’ book...

Long-time musician (drummer/producer) and music biz "guru" Loren Weisman has announced a June release party event in Florida for his new book, "Music Business...

Book Review: What if we Tax and Spend Wisely? – ‘We Are Better Than...

BOOK REVIEW: While it's aimed at policy wonks instead of the normal reading public, "We Are Better Than This: How Government Should Spend Our Money" (ISBN: 9780199332243) by Edward D. Kleinbard contains much that could help the USA live up to our repeated claims of being the greatest nation in the world.

Fiction: Area Code 666 – Triginta quattuor (part 34)

FICTION: Area Code 666 Part 34 (by John Scott G): Serving as Queen of the Protectorate was an enviable role and the perquisites were many and varied. She had attendants for her hair, her skin, her hands, her feet, her nails. She had clothing and shoes made for her. When she was indoors, musicians performed whatever she wished. Baroque chamber music was her usual preference.

Golden Kingdom Expansion for N.I. MASCHINE touts EDM sound styles for ultra-commercial modern hip...

NEWS: According to an announcement this week from Native Instruments, their latest expansion pack for its MASCHINE, GOLDEN KINGDOM, delivers "a wealth of sound for contemporary mainstream hip hop."

Matthew Vaughn’s ‘KINGSMEN’ is bloody brilliant in the kick arse department

MOVIE REVIEW: If you’re looking for a simple-minded romantic comedy this is not the film you’re looking for. If you want director Matthew Vaughn’s trademark mix of humor, action and high production value, sit down and be a happy camper. “Kingsmen: The Secret Service” is a definitely British movie, unlike his earlier “Kick Ass,” which was geared to the American audience without question.